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Fable Label

Fable Label is a bespoke clothing brand. It started life in 2010 as a concept idea between two best friends, who love music, love fashion, love life. From people who inspire us we created several designs and developed our first range. We researched the best materials, the best fit and the best style. Gradually over two years we created our brand. Inspiration comes from Music, Movies, Art, Literature and Life. We hope you like, scratch that we hope you LOVE it! We don’t copy and we don’t produce thousands of the same item. Every item is hand picked, designed and created for you, the individual. You don’t want to walk down the street and be a clone. Your style should say something about you; we strive to help you achieve that goal.

We try and live life to its fullest. We hope you do. If you’re reading this then you’ve took the time to visit us, THANK YOU. Hopefully you like what you see, like what you hear and purchase one of our bespoke products. Each range is limited, new products are added monthly. Right now we have several new designs and styles in production.

We are always looking to add new products, new accessories; to keep you ‘ahead’.

Stay tuned. All that is left to say is THANK YOU once again and, oh yeah ‘please wear our products responsibly’, and often.